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そんな想いのもと、HINOKI and the greenはオープンしました。



We want to create a place where anyone, regardless of age or gender, can easily come and have an opportunity to interact with plants.
With that intention, HINOKI and the green has opened.
This elevated location, set away from the city center of Matsuyama, enjoys good ventilation, attracting insects and birds naturally towards the plants and showing different expressions with each season. What we want to propose is not just decorating homes and gardens, but engaging with this ecosystem on a day-to-day basis.
While incorporating global trends, a diverse range of plants that we personally find appealing has come together here. In a space reminiscent of a botanical garden, we invite you to enjoy a leisurely passage of time.

  • HINOKI and the green 店頭
  • 石のイメージ写真
  • ウッドデッキとソファ
  • 観葉植物イメージ写真
  • 看板猫のサバ
  • CHARR氏による店内壁画
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